​With more than 35 years of experience, Matrix Industrial Control Systems is the leading North American supplier of software solutions for the food industry that always point the way to higher profits. Our industry specific, fully integrated solutions provide our clients with long-lasting, ever evolving systems that keep our customers at least one step ahead of their competition by increasing efficiency, throughput, reducing give away and maximizing quality resulting in ultimately increasing the bottom line.

Matrix is a company obsessed with Product Recall and Traceability. Management, Yield Control, Recipe Management are all facets of your business from receiving through to shipping. We give you tight integration to your corporate ERP and back it up with Real Time information for your management team.

We are the professionals you look to for providing in-depth functionality for the entire Plant Floor Systems. Not only do we interface to your Scales, Labelling & Scanning devices, we also grab data from your PLC’s that run Cook Systems, Coolers and Metal Detectors etc. If you have an intelligent device in your plant we can get the valuable information that resides within it. We offer total Inventory Management Systems and also Livestock Solutions. Atop this valuable data, we add a layer of superior analytics and a splendid array of Dashboards designed by you to display your favorite KPI’s (In real Time of course!) Take advantage of our more than 35 years of providing software solutions for the food industry exclusively in North America. If you have any questions, Contact Us!  We do not charge for answering your questions, but often our answers ​come with superior ROI. You can get a more about our capabilities by reading The Technology.

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