Navi-DASH is a simple yet powerful data visualization solution for busy managers. The system provides at-a-glance views of your most important KPI's - the metrics that tell you whether your facility is running smoothly and efficiently or not. Navi-DASH is a feature-rich system for a busy manager who is on the go and needs to know.

Solution Benefits

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React in real-time because information is in-your-face and not buried in reports, waiting to be found.

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Access your information anywhere – Navi-DASH runs on your desktop, tablet and smartphone devices.

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Focus your efforts by identifying your organizations KPI’s and making them accessible in real-time to your management team.

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Align the efforts of your production management team by creating a shared view and actionable items for improving productivity.

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Save time by automating the collection, manipulation and presentation of key productivity and profitability information.

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Increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your plant management team by helping them understand large volumes of data at-a-glance.

System Overview

Fully Interactive

Navi-DASH includes the ability to filter the data shown and to drill down to identify the root causes.  You can manipulate the data controls to see how your KPI’s are trending over the short- or long-term, compare historical data against current data or compare data from one part of your organization against another.  If some of the KPI’s are showing aggregate data you can drill-down to see the individual data sources and so you can get right to the root cause of what’s happening – good or bad!

Collaborative Annotations

Users can share notes about particular controls and data sets, allowing you to work collaboratively with your management team to keep things running smoothly. Annotations can be private so only you can see them, or shared publicly so others can see them, too.

Dashboard Exporting & Sharing

Navi-DASH allows you to share entire dashboards or individual data controls with your internal and external team. You can bookmark, save and print dashboards that contain particular important information you might want to review later. If you want to share your dashboards with your internal management team or third-party vemdors you can save, export and email dashboards. Navi-DASH makes sharing your data with the people who can help easy!

Complete Documentation & System Help

Navi-DASH features a comprehensive documentation and help system. The help system can be about the how-to’s of using Navi-DASH – how to open dashboards, drill down and find the data that you need, save and export data so you can share. But more importantly, it features a contextual help system where users can access information that tells them what the data they are looking at means and what they should do if they see exceptions.

Complete Mobility

If you’re like most busy managers, you spend more time away from your desk that you do at your desk! Navi-DASH is fully mobile and runs on the most popular platforms and devices. Always have access to the information you need to make the best decisions for your organization, no matter where you are!

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