Statistical Process Control

Data Navigator’s statistical process control (SPC) module allows you to track important attributes of the products that you manufacture to ensure you produce the highest quality and most consistent product possible. The module continually monitors for out-of-specification or out-of-control conditions and raises alerts at the station and in the back office if any are detected.


The system monitors for the most common SPC violations: one data point in the upper or lower red zones, two of three in the yellow zones, consecutive subgroup averages above or below the target value, trending up and down and many more.


The system includes full back office reporting so that you can see the statistical performance of your production processes, allowing you to further refine and improve them to make a higher quality and more consistent product more effectively and efficiently.


System Benefits star

Continuous monitoring of the most popular SPC rules

System Benefits star

Real-time alerting with the option of closed loop feedback

System Benefits star

Full suite of back office reports show statistical performance, alerts and actions in real time

System Benefits star

Data can be integrated to third-party quality assurance systems for further analysis

Matrix Data Navigator Statistical Process Control module for the food manufacturing industry

Simple & Intuitive Operator Interface

The Data Navigator SPC module interface is designed for ease of use and for operators unfamiliar with SPC theory. The typical interface shows a XBAR-R chart and data values are subgrouped and plotted in real time. The operator does not need to perform any calculations or plot any values – the system does it all!

Red error - low temperature

Visual Alerts for SPC Violations

If there are any out-of-specification or out-of-control conditions, a visual alert is shown on the screen and a simple message tells the operator what condition has been detected and what suggested actions are. Operators are presented with a list of recommended and possible actions to be taken to correct the issue – the operator selects the corrective action taken to clear the alert.


Integrate to Lab Data

Data Navigator’s SPC module collects qualitative and quantitative data about your product from the manufacturing process as it is being made, but there is a lot of information being collected by your QA lab team, too. By collecting lab data and combining it with your production data, you’ll have a holistic view of how well and consistently you’re making your product. You’ll be able to manage your processes to make a higher quality and more consistent product.


Comprehensive Reports & Data Integration

Our statistical process control module includes a series of standard reports that provide summary and detailed information on how consistently product is made, process capability, statistical violations and corrective actions. In addition, we can customize new reports – this is often what we do when our customer’s customers require quality reports when they receive product. SPC data can also be exported and integrated with third-party applications.

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