Slaughter Line Administration

If you process beef or pork then you know the importance of tracking lots – and even individual animals – from when they are delivered to your plant through the slaughter and cutting process. Data Navigator’s slaughter line administration module provides full animal tracking and traceability and collects important information about the animals that you slaughter that you can use to pay your farmers and determine who is giving you the highest quality animals.


Our slaughter line administration systems feature a number of stations located along the kill line collecting incremental pieces of information as the carcasses are processed. Once the carcass is through the entire process all of the data is pieced together, giving you a comprehensive data set for each animal and each lot.


System Benefits star

Track each lot from delivery all the way through primary processing

System Benefits star

Data can be analyzed to identify farmers that raise animals with higher quality and yield

System Benefits star

Integrates seamlessly with other Data Navigator modules for complete tracking and traceability

System Benefits star

Data can be integrated to payment systems so you only pay for the quantity and quality you processed

Beef and Pork Slaughter Line Systems

Our slaughter line systems can track the slaughter and processing of cattle and hogs. Lots are tracked as they are received and held in the barn. As each lot is taken to the kill floor, animals are individually tracked through each step of the slaughter and rendering process. Important weight, yield and quality information is collected. When an entire lot is processed the system will tell you everything about each individual animal and the overall lot.

Product Grading Data Collection

Carefully track the grades of each carcass that you process with Data Navigator’s slaughter line administration system. This will help ensure that you’re shipping the right grade product to your customers – and it’ll also make sure you’re not shipping higher grade product than what your customer is paying for. Also, track the quality of product you’re getting from different suppliers so you can buy from those that are raising the highest quality animals.

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