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At their core, our solutions are focused on delivering real-time data and meaningful information to the production management teams within our client’s organizations.  Because as that old saying goes – you can’t manage what you can’t measure. All of the data that is collected by the various stations within our solutions is replicated to a back office central database. From there, it is available in real-time production management reports, integrated to ERP and third-party data systems, can be connected to our Navi-DASH dashboards and can be analyzed for exceptions to trigger real-time alerts.


Our customers use the data and information collected by our solutions to make informed decisions to improve their production processes.


System Benefits star

Data is shared in real-time – no more finding out things went wrong when it’s too late

System Benefits star

Data is converted into meaningful and actionable production management information

System Benefits star

Reports are available from your desk or on the road – they’re wherever you are

System Benefits star

Data can be shared in real-time with third-party or corporate ERP systems

Real-Time Reports & Alerting

Data Navigator’s reports don’t include just data – they include meaningful information. Our reports don’t focus on what you made (although you’ll find that in there, too) but how effectively and efficiently you made it, what your yield and giveaway was, how much product was wasted or downgraded, what your labor consumption was, and much more. This is the type of information you need to make informed decisions about your production and business processes.

ERP and Third-Party System Data Integration

Data Navigator solutions collect a lot of important data – data that you can leverage to run your entire operation more effectively and efficiently. This data includes everything from raw materials that you have received, your WIP and finished goods inventory, and shipping manifests. Data Navigator includes complete bidirectional data integration to your corporate ERP and other third-party data systems so you can share this data in real-time.


Complete Integration to Navi-DASH

Data Navigator solutions integrate seamlessly to Navi-DASH data dashboards. By identifying the key performance indicators (KPI’s) of your production processes – the critical indicators of how well your facility is operating – and presenting it in a visually simple and concise way you’ll be able to keep an eye on things without pouring over reports or through heaps of paperwork. Visit our Navi-DASH page to learn more by clicking here.

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