Product Tracking & Traceability

Product tracking and traceability continues as an underlying feature of Data Navigator’s food manufacturing and further processing modules. Once you have either received or slaughtered your raw materials, these modules track them as they are consumed by your production processes and turned into WIP products and finished goods.


Whether you’re simply deboning and sorting raw materials to be shipped to other processors or injecting, grinding, mixing, marinating, cooking, stuffing, freezing or packaging, Data Navigator has what you need to track yields, inventory levels, throughput, efficiency, track and trace all of your raw materials, packaging materials and ingredients and so much more.


System Benefits star

Continue tracking and traceability through the entire manufacturing process and into packaging

System Benefits star

Monitor inventory levels in real-time so you never run out of something and have to stop processing

System Benefits star

Track yields, throughput, labor consumption, machine downtime and much more – in real time!

System Benefits star

Integrate to your existing production equipment to have a complete data set as you make product

Complete Product Tracking

Data Navigator can track every movement of your raw materials, dry ingredients and packaging materials. Stations located throughout your processing facility can be used to track product as it moves from one storage location to the next and as it is consumed. When appropriate, product weight information is collected for yield, shrinkage and throughput purposes. Data Navigator provides complete product tracking and traceability capabilities.

Evisceration Line Systems

Data Navigator has the industries best evisceration line system. This system – specially designed for poultry processors – captures demerit and bird quality attributes as carcasses pass the vet inspection stations and goes into the chillers. Carcass demerits are totaled by flock number so you can see which farmers and growing the highest quality birds and how effective your plant handling systems are.

Recipe Management Systems

Recipes are managed in the office and when batches of product are made on the plant floor they are made to the exact recipe: raw materials and ingredients are weighed and added in the correct order and at the appropriate time, batch attributes (temperature, pH, viscosity, etc.) are monitored in real time, only approved substitute ingredients are allowed if the required ingredient is not available and much more.

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