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Matrix - our Consulting services help identify the best opportunities in your operation
Having the right tools is one thing, but knowing how and where to use them is another. Let our food industry consultants help find the biggest opportunities for savings in your operation.

Having great software packages like Data Navigator, SmartForms, Navi-DASH and FarmLynk as well as some of the best-in-class hardware is a good start, but working with our customers to best use those tools to deliver real value to their organization is where we truly differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We work tirelessly to make sure every one of our solutions has a measurable impact, and identifying where those biggest opportunities lie is where our consulting services come in.

Our consulting engagements start before a project implementation. We work with your operations management team to review your production processes with the following areas in mind:

  • Product Handling Streamlining: from receiving your raw materials, dry ingredients and packaging materials all the way through to production and into your warehouse and shipping – are there ways to improve product handling to save time and resources?
  • Production Throughput: are there bottlenecks in your production processes that are limiting throughput? How can those bottlenecks be relieved and is the improved throughput cost justified?
  • Improved Yields: are you losing product to waste and downgrades and how much of an impact to your bottom line would even a modest improvement in yields make?
  • Product Quality & Consistency: your customers know what they expect from you, but how good are you at making a consistent product? Improving product quality and consistency means fewer returns, fewer complaints and, most important, happier customers.
  • Labor and Equipment Utilization: how effectively your workforce is being deployed and keeping your equipment maintained and in full operation are keys to running a profitable operation. How well do you utilize your workers and equipment?

Our consulting projects typically start with an on-site analysis of those parts of your operation you think could benefit most. Following the site survey we’ll generate a comprehensive report of our findings and recommendations, a detailed roadmap for how you could implement those recommendations and the benefits you might gain. We’ll return to your facility to make a formal presentation of our findings to your management team.

Our Head Consultant is an Industry Icon

When we send out our consulting team, we send out only the best!


Our consulting services team is lead by Freddy Mortensen. Freddy has been involved in the meat processing industry since the tender age of 14 years old, and his career achievements include a role as the Senior Vice President of Production for all Plumrose USA facilities, designing and building two world-class meat processing facilities, and being named Meat & Poultry Magazine’s 2013 Operations Executive of the Year!


You won’t get this level of expertise and experience anywhere else!

Industry icon Freddy Mortensen heads up Matrix's Consulting Services division!

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