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Our products and services help food manufacturing organizations gain a competitive advantage by leveraging technology solutions with fast and measurable ROI’s.


Over the past 35 years, we have developed four different software solutions, each specifically designed for the unique requirements and environments of the food manufacturing industry. Data Navigator collects production data in real-time and presents meaningful information in back office reports and through ERP integration. SmartForms digitizes your existing pen and paper quality assurance data collection forms, improving the accuracy of the data collected and making it immediately available to your production management team. Navi-DASH provides at-a-glance data dashboards and will empower your production management team to make informed decisions. And FarmLynk centralizes data from all of the stages of the poultry production process so all your management information is available in one place.


All of our systems help our clients increase throughput, improve yields, reduce giveaway, improve workforce efficiency and drive significant savings to the bottom line.


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