Data Navigator, SmartForms and Navi-DASH fit seamlessly into the cheese manufacturing process and many large cheese producers rely on our products as the backbone of their cheese manufacturing operations. Whether you’re receiving milk and making cheese or simply receiving blocks of cheese to cut and wrap, we can help you improve yields, increase throughput track inventory and drive bottom line results.


Our solutions collect real-time and important data throughout the cheese making, cutting, packaging and shipping process and put it in the hands of the people who make the important decisions. We also integrate that data with corporate ERP systems for a seamless link between production and business systems.


Product Receiving & Tracking

Our product receiving module can receive milk if you make cheese or blocks of cheese if you’re a cut and wrap operation. The product tracking module tracks your raw materials between the storage locations in your facility, providing real-time inventory reporting and complete product tracking and traceability.


Product Manufacturing

Our recipe management module can help you make a higher quality and more consistent product by making sure you’re using the right ingredients at the right time. Data Navigator’s product tracking module is great for tracking blocks of cheese onto your slicing lines, improving your slicing yields and reducing wasted trimmings and off-cuts.


Packaging, Warehousing & Shipping

Whether you’re a cutting or wrapping or packaging bulk cheese, our piece, case and pallet labeling modules can ensure that you’re packaging accurately and industry standard barcodes. Continue product tracking and traceability with our warehouse management system and ensure accurate order fulfillment with our shipping module.


Data Reporting, Dashboarding & Integration

Data from your manufacturing processes will be replicated to the central database in real-time. Data is translated into meaningful information and is available in reports, Navi-DASHdashboards or through real-time exception alerting. Data can also be shared with ERP and third-party data systems to provide even more value to your organization.

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