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Below are some of our clients that have gained a competitive edge and improved their bottom line by implementing our Data Navigator, SmartForms, Navi-DASH and FarmLynk solutions:

Matrix - our customers include ham processor Plumrose USA

Our Ideal Customers

From large …

We are privileged enough to include some of the largest and most recognized global brands with locations across the world. They produce tens of millions of pounds of food each year and understand things like labor efficiency, downtime management, product consistency, ERP data integration and accurate order fulfillment can be the difference between profit and loss for their business.

… to small …

We have worked with smaller, family owned operations across North America. While these companies do not have the same throughput as some of our larger customers, things like products yields, giveaway, inventory control, product labeling and shipping are still vital to the profitability of their businesses.

… it’s all about the information

Small, large, or something in between, our clients all share one common attribute: they understand the importance of leveraging their production data. They want real-time data monitoring, alerting and reports. They share their production data with their management team so they can make informed decisions. They integrate their data to the rest of their organization so their businesses run more efficiently.

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